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0003649Battlefield 1Controls/InputNo2017-07-25 19:41
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Product VersionWinter Update 02142017 
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Summary0003649: Since vehicles were put to click-spam race

Since vehicles were put to click-spam race at the beguining of the round, I´m having
this problem almost everytime at the round beguinning and sometimes at later time
on the going round. It´s all due to the click spam itself. It´s very reproducible if you
can click fast enough. It´s very annoying to struggle to get the vehicle (yes, I dont play BF1
infantry - ever. Not on par with bf3 and bf4 to me personaly being support player.)

So struggleeee and:

I get the defaults. what? Yes the defaults... the Mark 1 if Im after tanks..the Bomber if Im after planes.
I must be minory maybe, but I dont use them ever. This is a bug I really wish you guys can look into it.
I know that other people are having this as well.... fingers crossed.

Steps To Reproduce

If you can click fast enough, at the beguinning of the round it´s almost everytime you will
I get the defaults the Mark 1 if Im after tanks..the Bomber if Im after planes. It seems it computes
before it can read your previous used preferred vehicle.

But that happens at later time in round as well...

As my nephew would say with his minecraft world: Make your best jitter-click uncle!

Thank you.

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2017-04-21 14:21

Registered User

Same Problem here. Please Change the spawn System to something like BF4 where you can select every single vehicle type before spawning. Would be good to spawn into motorcycles or trucks too


2017-04-22 03:58

Registered User

And that thing that we can only choose vehicle after we get the even bf4 sucked at that, but at least had battlelog loadup... unless Im missing a way.
Let´s get it better when possible! (y)