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0003648Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2018-01-17 15:38
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionUpdate 03142017 (XP1) 
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Summary0003648: DX12: Perfoverlay.drawgraph doesn't show GPU frame times, is a flat line at 0ms

When running DirectX 12, the GPU frame time graph isn't working. This issue has existed since the game was released

This is something I use quite a bit when tweaking my settings, to get the most out of my GPU by keeping frame times just below my monitor's refresh rate. I'll definitely be wanting to use this feature when DX12 mGPU support is introduced, so I can tweak my dual-GPU PC accordingly.

Steps To Reproduce

Start game in DX12

Enter "perfoverlay.drawfps 1" in dev console.

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