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0003641Battlefield 1 CTEArt/AnimationNo2017-04-25 19:43
SeverityMinorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status QA InvestigatingResolutionOpen 
Summary0003641: Ribeyrolles 1918 bolt assembly is very misplaced in customize/third-person

The Carbine's customize/3P model has its bolt assembly completely misplaced, being halfway between its forward and rear position, and worse, sticking out of the gun too far to the right.

For reference, it's correctly placed in the image of the gun used for its Codex entry.

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2017-04-22 01:11

Registered User

The gun's Bipod is also misplaced in the exact same manner, also only in its third-person model; too far to the rear, too far up, and off to the right. Bolt assembly and Bipod are lined up with each other, but not with the weapon model.


2017-04-22 05:05

Registered User

Bonus points for the Ribeyrolles' icon being based on its third person model, which means the Bipod is also misplaced on the icon.