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0003634Battlefield 1Map/EnvironmentNo2018-01-17 12:23
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Product VersionUpdate 03142017 (XP1) 
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Summary0003634: Oil of Empires operations last sector needs some balance changes

The last sector of the "Oil of Empires" operations is way too difficult for the attackers. Just played a game where we destroyed them throughout the entire operations, but when we arrived at the final sector in Sinai Desert (with 150 tickets left), we lost 3 battalions and lost the game. I'm sure you guys also have statistics that back up my claims that this sector is way too hard for the attackers. And this was with 40 players. With 64 it's completely impossible unless you have a clan of 5-10 people aggressively pushing multiple objectives at once. At least that's how it went all the times I tried to play 64 players. 50% of the time the attackers don't even get to the second map.

There are a couple of issues with this sector:

  • The three points are too far away from each other making the time it takes to travel between them pretty long
  • Defenders get 2 tanks, attackers only get one (pretty sure this is a bug and it should be the other way around)
  • After losing the first battalion, the attackers do not get a behemoth which is basically a wasted battalion. I've never won with this second battalion, always with the third if we don't lose.
  • The ridge near C always has some scouts on it, serving as a spawn point. If point C is being taken the defenders just spawn on one of those camping scouts and can easily take it back.

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