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0003566Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2017-12-05 12:41
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionUpdate 03142017 (XP1) 
Fixed in VersionUpdate 12102017 - October Update 
Summary0003566: Soldier Opacity doesn't respond to Options menu change

Pretty much what the title says, either in ADS, or out of ADS the Soldier opacity is always 100%

Steps To Reproduce

Go in-game, change opacity, notice how both enemies and friendly icons are always 100%.

Gadgets and objective icons seem to adjust visibility as expected.

Actual Result
Expected Result


has duplicate 0004179 Closed friendly ADS opacity no longer works since latest patch 



2017-04-08 17:42

Registered User

If you set the friendly option to 0%, then the enemy sliders work for both friendlies and enemies ,strangely enough.

But if you turn up the friendly ones, it seems to break both sets off sliders then, and all soldier icons seemingly go backup to 100%.

If you set all soldier icon sliders to 0%, that's the only setting that seems to work as expected.


2017-07-16 04:22

Registered User

YES, jesus christ this bug is anoying.