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0003501Battlefield 1Progression/UnlocksNo2017-12-05 13:37
SeverityMajorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status ClosedResolutionDuplicate 
Product VersionUpdate 03142017 (XP1) 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0003501: MLE 1903 Extended (Tanker/Pilot Weapon) Re-Locks Every Game Until 1 Landship Kill Achieved

Title. I have completed the challenge for the MLE 1903 Extended, but it relocks every single game. Once I earn one Landship kill, it unlocks for the rest of the game.

Steps To Reproduce

View Tanker Pilot class after you've already unlocked the MLE 1903 Extended. Not sure what happens if you already have it equipped.

Actual Result
Expected Result


duplicate of 0003585 FixedEA_RedSpoder MLE 1903 extended unlocked but cannot be selected in load out 
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2017-12-05 13:37


Dupe of 0003585