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0003498Battlefield 1 CTEUser Progression / UnlocksNo2017-08-22 11:31
SeverityMinorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status ConfirmedResolutionOpen 
Summary0003498: Mle 1903 extended challenge is not working
Description I've done this challange 2 times by now and still can't use pistol. When you finished challange it simply restart my progress for this challange.
You can see gun is unlocked in main menu but can't equip or use it in game.

First time I could see progress and progress bar, I even got pop-up that pistol is unlocked and even manage to get one kill with it in this same match. But bext match whole progress was restarted for this challange and now can't unlock or use pistol anymore. Now it simply stay at 0 kills but I already did 3x kills that are needed for for challange.

Down you can see two pictures. In menu it shows that I unlocked gun, but in match i simply can't use it because it's not unlocked.


has duplicate 0003637 Closed Mle 1903 Extended not selectable in customize screen 



2017-03-26 17:24


Battlefield 1 03.26.2017 - (1,020,985 bytes)
Battlefield 1 03.26.2017 - (2,539,350 bytes)


2017-04-17 19:37


I found that earning another landship kill would unlock it again, but it would only stay unlocked for that game.