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0003479Battlefield 1VehiclesNo2018-01-17 15:02
SeverityMajorReproducibility@[email protected] 
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Product VersionUpdate 03142017 (XP1) 
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Summary0003479: Soldier vulnerable to outside damage after switching seats.

If you are in a vehicle that would normally block you from outside damage (heavy tank, landship, etc) your soldier will be vulnerable to outside damage (fire, gas, explosion) for a short period of time after switching to a different seat in the vehicle. You will also take damage if you have just entered a vehicle and drive forward into damage for a very brief moment.

Link to my video showing this:

With no real insight under the hood with Frostbite, my only theory is that there is a timer tied to entering a vehicle where you are still vulnerable to damage that:
1)has a slight desync with the animation of entering a vehicle (causing the driving into damage issue)
2)applies to the player again when switching to a new seat in a vehicle.

The time of the vulnerability is around 5 ticks worth of gas damage.

Steps To Reproduce

Easiest way: Spawn into a flamethrower heavy tank, tankhunter landship, or any other vehicle that drops gas and has multiple seats. Use the gas ability within the vehicle, and then switch to any other seat in the vehicle (F1-F# or the "switch seat" button) while the gas cloud is active and your soldier will begin to take damage. You can also use incendiary devices to do this too. The vulnerability goes away after the timing of taking 5 ticks of gas damage. If the gas cloud is still active, switch seats again and you will become vulnerable to outside damage again, the still active gas cloud will kill you.

More frustrating way: In a live round, be inside a tank. Switch seats during a fight with another tank or infantry and you'll get killed out of the tank if it gets hit by an explosion (or fire, or gas).

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2017-03-22 02:01

Registered User

Can confirm this issue.


2017-03-29 11:49

Registered User

I had multiple instances where attack plane kills gunners in saint chamond tank by dropping small cluster bombs


2017-03-29 16:36

Registered User

The video posted by IBetafield showcases the problem, the player switched to a new seat and took damage from the explosions outside the tank


2017-08-10 18:15

Registered User

It would be nice if this would be fixed. It is pretty annoying and it doesn't seem to me that it would require a lot of effort to fix.