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0003473Battlefield 1 CTEMap/EnvironmentNo2018-02-09 10:53
SeverityMinorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Summary0003473: Can walk past the map limits on Verdun during warmup

When the Verdun map had not started yet because the server had been waiting for more players I was able to walk past the map limits to the areas which are normally not accessible.

Nothing special happened except for that I was able too see 2D-background trees, fall in some holes in the ground and sometimes reach invisible walls.

I marked the area where I managed to cross the map limits with the red arrow in the attachment picture.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Connect to the empty server playing Verdun map.
  2. Walk in the direction of the red arrow on the attached picture.
Actual Result
Expected Result



2017-03-20 21:07

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dlcmap4.png (1,189,581 bytes)


2017-03-28 17:06


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Unable to reproduce based on the screenshot. Please provide a video if the issue is still occurring. Thanks.


2017-03-30 19:49


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Please verify if it's possible to do this after the pre round ..this should be fixed by now


2017-04-22 15:17

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This is fixed now because battlefield area message is enabled during warmup.