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IDProjectCategoryExploit/GlitchLast Update
0003471Battlefield 1EngineNo2017-03-20 20:28
SeverityMajorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status ClosedResolutionUnable to Reproduce 
Product VersionWinter Update 02142017 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0003471: Soldier damage taken within vehicles
DescriptionSoldiers will take damage within vehicles if the player has recently switched seats inside the vehicle. Gas, fire, and splash damage will kill the player for a small timeframe after seat switching.
Steps To ReproduceEasiest way to reproduce: spawn as a vehicle that drops a gas grenade as one of its abilities. Drop the gas grenade, and press whatever you have bound to "next seat in vehicle", and you will begin taking gas damage.


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