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0003461Battlefield 1ConnectivityNo2018-01-09 18:38
SeverityTrivialReproducibility@[email protected] 
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PlatformOriginOSWindows 7 64bit 
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Summary0003461: Can't join friends or party leaders

After the dlc update I can't join/spectate a fiend or any one in my party or even can't add them to one, and always the same error messages:

  1. Disconnected from game server
  2. unknown error occurred
  3. lost connection to game sesion

and sometimes if i was in a server and my GF could join me after many tries, the game kick me out of server with unknown error message while she is on loading screen and ounce she joined she gets the same error !

I can join any other servers that none of my friends are in and play normally.

Steps To Reproduce

Join any friend on friend list or in a party

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2017-03-17 23:52

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