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0003425Battlefield 1 CTEArt/AnimationNo2018-02-08 19:04
Status TriageResolutionOpen 
Summary0003425: Zoom reticle outline persisting after leaving arty truck

If player fires from zoomed in cannon of armored artillery truck and instantly leaves vehicle, the outline of zoomed-in sights will still be visible for the soldier (things outside of it are darker and blurred).

Failure to get 100% reproduction rate almost certainly is only related to missing the timing (as window for error is small). Bug persists until player gets back into artillery truck (or dies). Using field gun and light transport vehicles does not change anything.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Get an artillery truck
2) Zoom in on its main cannon
3) Fire and leave vehicle as fast as possible
4) Screen should be darker for infantry soldier outside of the outline of what was the circle of zoomed-in sights

Actual Result
Expected Result


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