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0003343Battlefield 1Controls/InputNo2017-05-11 19:27
SeverityMajorReproducibility@[email protected] 
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Fixed in VersionSpring Update 03292017 
Summary0003343: Using controller and mouse at the same time- broken.

When I use controller joystick for movement, and at the same time press some mouse button, the game uses both- default function of the button (although it was removed from the key binding menu), and the new assigned function. For example when i scroll the mouse wheel, I am switching weapons and drop gadget (new function). When I do not touch the controller, the game uses only newly assigned function (only drop gadget). Everything was fine- bug show up in CTE, then in winter update

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2017-02-28 15:51

Registered User

This is not a bug? I have played over 700h in BF4 and Battlefront, and 160h in Battlefield 1 using controler and mouse (will upload picture showing why I have to play that way). Everything changed after winter update- now I can't play the game. So if it isn't a bug, how will you call it?


2017-02-28 15:52

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2017-03-16 22:18


@ozdrab Sorry about the confusion. In BF1 you can use gamepad and keyboard/mouse at the same time only if you go to the Options -> Controls -> Control Schemes and set the gamepad mappings to Custom (instead of a pre-set), then go back to the in-game menu -> Key Bindings and in the Pad column assign the gamepad buttons the way you want them. Then the game will properly work with custom gamepad, keyboard and mouse mappings simultaneously. That's how it has been and not setting to gamepad to custom ends up with reverting to defaults on some of the devices.

In the next patch I'll implement a way the pre-set gamepad mappings to be able to work at the same time with custom mouse/keyboard/joystick mappings. But until then please keep your gamepad to custom.


2017-03-16 22:22


P.S. Custom is the way the gamepad worked on PC in BF3/BF4. The gamepad pre-sets is a new thing for BF1 and is using the input in a console-like style (where gamepad was the only input device).


2017-03-17 09:53

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Thank you so much- it works for me now. I posted this solution at BF forum, because some other guys also had this problem.


2017-03-24 01:55


@ozdrab Great news!