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0003302Battlefield 1AudioNo2017-05-11 19:26
SeverityMinorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status FixedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionWinter Update 02142017 
Fixed in VersionSpring Update 03292017 
Summary0003302: Sword swing sound can be heard coming from unmounted horse

Issue initially present only in CTE (see report 3233), appeared in retail in Winter Update. If more than two cavalry sword swings from horseback are chained together, the swinging sound will be heard coming from horse for few seconds after jumping off it.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Keep horse at its slower run speed (not 'sprint')
2) Equip cavalry sword and chain at least two swings with it
3) Jump off. Swinging sound will persist for few more seconds

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child of 0003233 Fixed Battlefield 1 CTE Sword swing sound on unmounted horse 



2017-02-26 12:39

Registered User

Yeah, this happened to me also.
PS4 - Retail BF1 - Winter update
Here is the video I recorded: