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0003195Battlefield 1 CTEVehiclesNo2018-02-05 15:00
Status ClosedResolutionKnown Shippable 
Summary0003195: Field gun reload finishes on its own despite user leaving it

Not pure balance issue, but it's the closest to this category. If field gun is exited during the reload animation, the reload will still finish on its own and the cannon will emit the sounds of being reloaded during the process (despite not being used). You could see how the old reload progress quickly blinks when entering the cannon, just before it's insta-ready to fire again.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Shoot the field gun
2) Start reload
3) Leave gun before reload is over
4) The gun will perform the rest of reload on its own, together with sounds.

Actual Result
Expected Result


has duplicate 0004260 Closed Battlefield 1 CTE Instant reload fieldgun when leaving it Lukowpass 
child of 0003194 Closed Battlefield 1 Field gun reload finishes on its own despite user leaving it 



2017-02-02 16:16


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