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0003177Battlefield 1User Progression / UnlocksNo2017-11-14 16:30
Status ConfirmedResolutionOpen 
Product VersionUpdate 12132016 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0003177: Equiping plane skins of a certain type causes all the other planes of that type from different factions to be unequiped
DescriptionThis happens to bombers, attack planes, and fighter planes. I have not seen it happen with ground vehicles. If I equip a skin on a any plane for the British and the next round play as the Germans I will have no skin equipped on that kind of plane. If I equip the skin on the Germans plane, I will have no skin equipped for the any other faction.
Steps To ReproduceEquip a plane skin of one faction


duplicate of 0004770 Closed Plane skins not saving 
has duplicate 0004710 Closed Plane skins reset 



2017-02-10 08:23


More information on whether particular skins cause that (and which ones) would help. On my side, I have observed that with Bumble Bee fighter plane skin.


2017-02-11 21:41


I don't know if it is particular skins or all for sure. I have noticed it has happened on every plane skin I have unlocked though battlepacks and the red baron skin. I believe my skin for the british also unequipped when I changed the loadout of a plane for the german faction.


2017-02-13 11:39


Same happened to me. I have the Deluxe version of the game with Red Baron skin for the plane and this also happens to me in the same way.