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0003158Battlefield 1AudioNo2017-06-12 23:38
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Summary0003158: Loud explosions are heard when you enter a game on Sinai Desert after joining a server

When i join a server, the moment i get to the squad selection screen (or up until around 10sec after) i can hear loud explosions, these sounds overlap eachother.

This only happens the first time i enter a game on a Sinai only server, the next rounds this does not happen, when i switch servers it happens again. This might happen every time a server is at the Sinai map if it has more maps in the rotation. I did not test this.

I am not sure if this happens on other maps as i only play on Sinai Desert only servers.

One time i spawned right before i heard these sounds and i saw 3 big explosions at the city buildings on Sinai Desert. These might be related?

Recorder the sounds:

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Join a game on Sinai Desert.

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2017-01-21 20:25

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I can confirm this, started happening after the 12132016 patch. However, it happens in multiple maps. The ones off the top of my head is Sinai Desert, Empires Edge, Mont Grappa, and some others I believe. I am not sure what the cause is, but if a certain map comes up, as soon as I join the server that big loud explosion happens.


2017-01-30 21:30


Can confirm that this happens on multiple maps. Sometimes the explosions can also be observed on deployment screen/after spawning in. Judging by their locations, they come from gas tanks and artillery shells.


2017-03-07 22:07

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The explosion is the game blowing up every building etc. to the state that's on the server. I have seen it happen delayed few times when I have joined a game on the middle of the round. On the spawn screen the map has been untouched and after I have spawned there has been that huge set of explosions and after that all buildings have been wrecked. It's a feature but it's happening when it should not happen.

edit: Luckily I had it on video.


2017-04-04 23:59

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I had the same issue when Battlefield was installed on an HDD,after i changed the game to an SSD the problem was gone,i think the HDD is to slow loading the map before you join,but it didnt exist before the patch.


2017-06-12 23:38

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Seems fixed.