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0003149Battlefield 1Progression/UnlocksNo2017-04-20 23:24
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Summary0003149: Points made on bugged servers will never be recovered

This is the 2nd server where i saw this issue on since i started playing (release), basically when you look at the scoreboard everyones rank is either 0 or blank, when loading the game it is impossible to track a medal since clicking on the tracker shows a "no medals available" message.

The first server i encountered this on shortly after the release of BF1 i kept playing and was a couple thousand points away from leveling, i made alot more points on that bugged server and did not play for a couple days, the points were never added during the match nor afterwards.

Also, the highlight screen never appears when the server is bugged.

People who are playing on this server confirmed they have this issue too.

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No idea.

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2017-01-18 17:59

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bug.jpg (341,255 bytes)


2017-01-18 18:01

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This is currently happening on the FASS Sinai only server (located in holland).


2017-01-18 19:34

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medals.jpg (119,953 bytes)
medals.jpg (119,953 bytes)


2017-02-04 18:31

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This server is bugged again today as i checked just now.


2017-04-20 23:23

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Havent noticed this happening anymore, closing.


2017-04-20 23:24

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Havent noticed this happening anymore.