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0003115Battlefield 1Enginepublic2017-03-20 17:38
Status ConfirmedResolutionOpen 
Product VersionUpdate 12132016 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0003115: Invisible players / Player model get stuck
DescriptionPlayer model get stuck which causes invisible player in other player’s screen(random).
first video: you can clearly see player model moving and shooting but the actual player isn’t there.
second video: I hear the sniper shooting but can’t see him.
third video: my squad member is near me and helps me capture the A flag. I can’t see him although he clearly stabs me, but when I look back toward B flag I can see my squad member name and cape which indicates that his player model is stuck. Enemy players however can see and shoot him. (We had voice chat)
Steps To ReproduceIt seems that this occurs randomly when player is near a fence or other obstacle but i am not sure.


related to 0003035 Investigating Invisible Players 



2017-01-13 14:56


New evidence has emerge (I think)

In this video if you look at the minimap …player spawn on his squad mate and then jumps over the wall and run away. On my screen his player model got stuck and I think that if this player would stand right in front of me I could not see him.
I have a new theory that this bug is related to spawning near walls and other obstacles because whenever I see this bug its always near some random wall or fence. It could also be related to spawn protection because there is this delay when the player model come visible.


2017-01-16 19:12


It seems that I stumble on this bug very often.
Here is another video:

In this video enemy’s player model is stuck on a fence. This player start shooting at me and I notice that the damage is coming from the building door (I don’t know how well you can sense/see that in the video). So, this whole time when I was looking at this player model, the actual (invisible)player was moving inside the building and came to the door and shot me. That’s what I think happened.


2017-01-21 03:57


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Here have more, whatever ticket I reported with this issue it was closed no clue if that means they acknowledged there are invisible players running around or .... whatever


2017-01-29 13:08


Yeah...I bump into this bug again… here is the video…if it’s any help.

In this video enemy player sees me and try’s to flush me out.
A few seconds later he charges in and kills me, totally invisible.
Killcam shows that he’s player model is stuck at the base and when he jumps out of the window its resets back to normal.
I think spawning “combined with” obstacles near the player is causing this bug.

Is there any info I miss that might help you fix this bug…please let me know.


2017-01-30 18:09


Here are two more videos.



2017-02-14 17:59


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Agreed. This constantly happens to me. Killed by people that were in plane view.


2017-02-20 20:41


These two videos are recorded before winter update:

and these videos after the winter update:


2017-02-25 14:01


This does not surprise me anymore.
Every single time I play BF1 I stumble on this bug ones or twice. #DICEpls


2017-03-01 17:40


once again:


2017-03-07 17:53


Another invisible spawn -


2017-03-09 16:03


and another one


2017-03-20 17:38


Invisible players still present: