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0003030Battlefield 1ConnectivityNo2017-06-16 17:15
Status ClosedResolutionUnable to Reproduce 
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Summary0003030: Operations Have No Players

When joining any operation, there is nobody else in the lobby, rendering the gamemode unplayable. Waiting will not result in many (if any) people joining either.

NOTE: On the matchmaking screen, there is an extended amount of time spent "Matching your skill".

Steps To Reproduce

Simply join any Operation. I am level 64 and from Oceania.

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2016-12-07 23:45

Registered User

sHOCT[1].png (1,047,548 bytes)


2016-12-09 06:35

Registered User

On the matchmaking screen, there is an extended amount of time spent "Matching your skill"


2017-04-08 16:55


Been experiencing this problem today. Took 4 attempts to get into a game with enough players, all other attempts put me in empty instances. Tried vanilla and TSNP Ops.

Battlefield 1 04.08.2017 - (1,058,103 bytes)
Battlefield 1 04.08.2017 - (1,243,810 bytes)


2017-04-09 01:48

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This is why we need operations in the server browser, it is in the CTE and a dev confirmed on twitter it would be coming to full game and still has not.

Confirmed that it is visible in the CTE but not enough people play the CTE. Can we expect this sometime soon in the full game release?


2017-04-16 13:48

Registered User

It's really a problem: I started an operation I was alone during long minutes. I left to go to another operation (same map) and I arrived on a server with people waiting. Because the matchmaking doesn't work, you have many players on empty operations when it's possible to have a server full with all single players.