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0002958Battlefield 1UI/HUDNo2018-04-23 21:10
SeverityMinorReproducibility@[email protected] 
Status Pending ReviewResolutionReopened 
Product VersionUpdate 11152016 
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Summary0002958: Server Browser filters are kinda broken

The 'Slots' filter are broken to be more precise, i dont know about the other features, but only the Empty and Full options are working, if want the filter to show full and 10+ players servers it does not work, also if you combine other options it gets even more messy, its like the filters are drunk or something, this needs to be fixed.

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2016-12-01 10:11

Registered User

I can confirm this random problem. Its happen from time to time but mostly works fine for me. All I need to do to fix it is to reset all filters to default and then set the filter again.


2017-01-06 10:48

Registered User

CzrC2WxXAAAVEsb.jpg (109,948 bytes)
CzrC2WxXAAAVEsb.jpg (109,948 bytes)


2017-01-06 10:51

Registered User

I have this problem on PS4, whatever filter i use it never shows me the servers i want. I only get full or empty servers. In all places but no european servers...


2017-01-29 12:27

Registered User

”if want the filter to show full and 10+ players servers it does not work”

correct me if I’m wrong but the 10+ filter shows you the servers that have 10+ slot available, not servers that have 10+ players.


2017-09-11 18:04

Registered User

I have always had issues with the filters. There seems to be 3 states to the map filter as well.