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0002695Battlefield 1VehiclesNo2018-04-23 21:44
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Fixed in VersionUpdate 08112017 - Operation Campaigns Update 
Summary0002695: when the mach finish while flying always the airplane get crash then its count as death

if you are playing with airplane and end of each match when the result score pop up you airplane gonna crash in ground and its will count as kill you cant avoid it coz you dont have control of anything when the result of match come out !!!

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has duplicate 0002926 ClosedRedSpider Death at game end after losing character controls 
has duplicate 0002982 ClosedRedSpider Players have 1 Death before round has started. 
has duplicate 0004816 Closed Dying after match ends... 



2016-10-28 17:17

Registered User

I was sure they fixed this in Battlefield 1, I know it is an issue where after round end deaths would count in BF4 though in BF4 you could still control aircraft in the EoR screen before they de-spawned. I believe the longer time to revive before it counts as a death makes it not count as a death sometimes if it de-spawns you before the death is counted. This should be looked into though.


2016-11-06 23:30

Registered User

I can confirm this issue. It happens all the time while flying planes at the end of the round. To avoid it, I try and aim the plane straight and level before round ends.

This is a pretty annoying bug, and I would suggest either the death not count (easy fix), or some AI fly the planes back to base to avoid crashing. It looks pretty bad when in the end of round screen you see all the planes crash.


2016-11-29 15:10

Registered User

This Bug is in TDM and Domination after the last patch. After the round the kill will not resetet. Count in the next round


2017-12-05 22:45


Reopening due to issue persisting in game.


2018-04-23 21:44

Registered User

This is still marked as fixed, however it is still an issue in the game. I have experienced it in Conquest and Operations.